• new detailed view
  • editor mode
Nov. 2021Manual ETEOboard 2.3.0
  • NonDailyMode: Toggle to partly switch-off synchronisation
  • Connection indicator 
  • ETEOboard info page shows connected clients
  • Sprint status indicator 
  • Configurable other issues
Feb. 2021Manual ETEOboard 2.1.0
  • Sprint goal and number of remaining days are shown in the header
  • Task aging: As a user I want to see which task wasn't change in the last time.
  • New change assignee dialog with touch support
  • Card coloring: As a user I want to mark my cards with individual colors to group the cards.
  • Status on bars and flags on swimlanes were shown
Aug. 2020Manual ETEOboard 2.0.1
  • Priority is shown on cards and bars
  • The flagged status is shown for cards and bars
  • Preference menu (show priority or flags on cards and bars)
  • Sidebar is synchronized to all boards
  • Close the detailed view with touch
Apr. 2020
  • Support for Jira Server Version 8.x
  • Place bars after dropping according to their ranking in Jira
  • Show the flag on bars and cards
  • Show which cards / bars are locked (due to transition screens or context menu)
  • Allow resize of cells with a pinch gesture
  • Change the layout of the header
Feb. 2020-
  • First Release
Nov. 2019-
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